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To see the power of hudlr, take a look at what we’ve done for a few of our happy clients. Want to know what we can do for your business?

want to know what we can do for you?


The clothing brand wanted to let customers know about their store openings and events. We sent the fashion-conscious shoppers their way.


When you already have over 70 stores, how do you choose the best location for the next one? We helped CTM find the perfect spot for a new branch. We can do the same for you, no matter how many stores you have.


When Neotel wanted more customers, we found the best leads in the neighbourhoods where the telco had laid fibre-optic cables.


Not everyone can afford a luxury Swedish car. We found the people who can and put them in touch with their local Volvo dealer.


The company is responsible for marketing over 40 shopping centres, and we were the ones who helped to get the right shoppers in the right locations.


hudlr sent demographically filtered, geographically targeted emails to target prospective ADT customers in the Western Cape. As a result we helped them gain new customers.

hudlr is a Joint Venture between Amorphous and 3 Way Marketing

“hudlr represents a substantial innovation in mobile marketing in Africa. Marketers will have cost-effective access to mobile consumer data, visualized like never before,” says Grant Shippey, Amorphous CEO

Real-world data

hudlr’s real-world database consists of over 25 million credit active South Africans. There is a vast array of demographic information that can be used to filter the datasets, giving businesses a highly-defined audience. Each record (person) is linked to a South African ID number and a physical geo-coded location, so the data can be displayed geographically, demographically or both.


hudlr is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to reach your audience directly, wherever they are, by sending specific SMS, MMS or email messages directly to their cellphones.

hudlr SMS (with demographic and geographic filtering)

Once you see a precise and detailed demographic breakdown of potential leads, you can choose exactly who to target with a specific hudlr Geo-Messages campaign.

Send high volume, highly targeted messages with a high success rate. With hudlr, you can send the right message to the right people at the right time.

hudlr Audience Maps

Whether you have a single store or a nationwide network, hudlr Audience Maps will show you exactly who is in the vicinity of your business, so that you can understand your clients and target markets better. hudlr Audience Maps can inform your local area sales, research and marketing strategies, and give you insight into the local area, market sizing, competitor intelligence, franchisee support and marketing. Basically, it can help to answer any research-based questions that have a geographic and demographic component.

hudlr Hotspots

Using our database of over 25 million Credit active South Africans, you can search for specific demographic clusters (e.g. men, age 25-35, Zulu-speaking, who earn R25 000+ per month etc.) and view them by highest concentration according to their post code. 

hudlr Look-a-Likes

Use your own information to determine your customers’ most common demographic features and then use hudlr Look-a-Likes to search for other individuals that fit the same criteria to generate new leads.




Add POPI Compliance R1

Add Suburb Target 20c

Setup only R2.5k per location


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The database is supplied by 3Way Marketing – a specialist digital lead-generation company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. hudlr is a Joint Venture between 3way Marketing and Amorphous New Media

The database is built from the records of over 25 million people and is sourced from multiple points, including Credit Bureaus, Public Domain Information and Data Acquisition Drives. It adheres to national legislation, as well as the Consumer Protection Act of 2008. The base is cleaned monthly, de-duplicated against the Do Not Contact List and registered with the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa.

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All the systems and information are housed on secure and dedicated servers. So yes, your information is very secure.

Setting up nationwide networks can take a couple of weeks depending on the number of locations.

You can add as many locations as your contract allows using the app

Within the confines of the usage license, system administrators can add users at will.

Only users within your organisation who’ve been granted access to the system will be able to view the locations – nobody else.

Either you or your agency supply us with copy for the SMS, which must be 140 characters or fewer. We will handle the sending of the messages.

Prices vary dependent in volume.
Consumer SMS range from 49c
Business SMS from 89c
Location and Demographic filters can be added on request

hudlr is currently available on any desktop computer with internet access, as well as on smartphones and tablets.

Most modern browsers are supported.


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